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Travel Insurance For Australia

Many New Zealand travellers heading to Australia for that family holiday, shopping splurge or quick city break may not understand the benefits of taking travel insurance – it’s so close, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, even a quick weekend break doesn’t eliminate the risks when you are overseas.

A fortunate benefit of just heading across the ditch is the reciprocal health agreement – this ensures that your emergency medical expenses are taken care of should the worst happen. The reciprocal health agreement allows us to provide Australia at a lower cost to you too. Unfortunately, emergency medical incidents are not the only perils that can crop up in Oz.

Whilst emergency medical treatment is covered by the Australian government, the cost of getting there by ambulance isn’t. If you are close to the hospital this can be a reasonable fee but we have paid ambulance costs of $3,000 in the past, which can make a serious dent in your vacation spends. Add to this fact that non-emergency treatments aren’t covered under the reciprocal health agreement - this means a doctor’s visit and treatment is at your own cost, as well as any medicine required to treat your ailment.

Should the worst happen and you do end up requiring hospitalisation, it’s only natural that your travelling companion would want to stay with you for comfort and support. The Worldcare Travel Insurance GoComprehensive policy provides cover for an accompanying person’s costs in your time of need. If you are travelling solo this includes us flying someone over to your bedside. The cost of having someone with you can quickly climb but with this policy, you can have this peace of mind.

These scenarios are just some of the reasons why you should consider buying travel insurance for your holiday to Australia.

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