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Travel Insurance Definitions

Travel insurance can sometimes seem a little daunting with a lot of information to take in, but at Worldcare we have been working hard to make our policy wording as clear as possible. Here you’ll find a list of words in our policy, and the meanings we apply to them.

Arises or Arising

Arises or Arising means directly or indirectly arising or in any way connected with that policy point.

Act of Terrorism

Means an act, including but not limited to, the use of force or violence and/or the threat thereof, of any persons or
group(s) of persons, whether acting alone of on behalf of or in connection with any organisation(s) or government(s), which from its nature or context is done for, or in connection with, political, religious, ideological, ethnic or similar purposes or reasons, including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear. Terrorism also includes any act that is verified or recognised by the local government as an act of terrorism.

Close Relative

Means spouse, de facto partner, civil union, partner, parent, step parent, son, daughter, brother, sister, half or step brother or sister, fiancé(e), grandparent, great grandparent or grandchild of either of the insured person, spouse or partner providing the Close Relative is living in New Zealand and who are aged less than 85 years.


Dependant means your children or grandchildren not in full time employment who are under the age of 21 and travelling with you on the journey.

Destination : Australia – Pacific – Asia – Europe – Worldwide

Your destination is the country which you are travelling to and in which you are spending the majority of your holiday. For the purposes of travel insurance, this is broken down broadly into regions: Worldwide, Europe, Asia, Pacific and Australia. Please note that if you take a Worldwide policy you are covered for travel anywhere around the world.

End Date

Your end date is the date on which your insurance policy expires. Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance.


Epidemic means a sudden development and rapid spreading of a contagious disease in a region where it developed in a simply endemic state or within a previously unscathed community.


Excess means the amount which you must first pay for each claim arising from the one event before a claim can be made under your policy. Your excess is specified on your policy certificate.


Home means the place where you normally live in New Zealand.


Hospital means an established hospital registered under any legislation that applies to it, that provides in-patient medical care.

Injure or Injured or Injury

Injure or Injured or Injury means bodily injury caused solely and directly by violent, accidental, visible and external means, which happens at a definite time and place during your period of cover and does not result from any illness, sickness or disease.

Locked Storage Compartment

Locked Storage Compartment means a vehicle boot, trunk, glove box, enclosed centre console, or concealed cargo area of a station wagon, hatchback, van or motorhome.

Luggage and Personal Effects

Luggage and Personal Effects means any personal items owned by you and that you take with you, or buy, on your journey and which are designed to be worn or carried about with you. This includes items of clothing, personal jewellery, photographic and video equipment or personal computers, or electrical devices or portable equipment. However, it does not mean any business samples or items that you intend to trade.


Journey means the time from when you leave your home to go directly to the place you depart from on your travels, and ends when you return to your home.

Medical Advisor

Medical advisor means a qualified doctor of medicine or dentist registered in the place where you received the services.

Normally Earn

Normally earn means if you are an employee, your average weekly base rate after tax over the 12 months before your journey began.

If you are not an employee, your average weekly income from personal exertion after deducting income and all tax deductible expenses over the twelve months before your journey. However, if you haven't been working continuously for that period, it means the average for the time you were working continuously.

Open Water Yachting

Open Water Yachting means sailing more than 25 nautical miles off any land mass.


Pandemic means a form of an Epidemic that extends throughout an entire continent, even the entire human race.

Permanent Resident or New Zealand Citizen

Our Comprehensive, Budget and Frequent Traveller policies are only available to citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand.

Pre-existing Medical Condition

A Pre-existing Medical Condition (‘PE condition’) means:

1. Any physical defect, infirmity, existing or recurring illness, Injury or disability of which you, or the person due to whom you are claiming, are aware of; or

2. Any medical condition for which you, or the person due to whom you are claiming have had or received a medical examination, consultation, treatment, investigation and/or medication in the 12 months prior to the date your policy is issued.


Any condition for which you take prescribed medicine;


Any condition for which you had surgery;





Premium means the cost of your insurance.

Public Place

Public Place means any area to which the public has access (whether authorised or not) including, but not limited to, hotel foyers and grounds, restaurants, public toilets, beaches, airports, railway stations, bus terminals, taxi stands and wharves.


Reasonable means, for medical or dental expenses, the standard level of care given in the country you are in OR, for other expenses, the standard level you have booked for the rest of your journey or, as determined by us.

Sick or Sickness

Sick or sickness means a medical condition, not being an injury, which first occurs during your period of cover.

Start Date

Your start date is the date on which your insurance policy is issued. Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance for your start date.

Travelling Companion

Travelling Companion means a person who made arrangements to travel with you for at least 75% of your journey before you entered into your policy.


Unsupervised means leaving your luggage with a person you have not previously met. It also refers to leaving your luggage and personal effects in a position where it can be taken without your knowledge, as well as leaving your luggage and personal effects at such a distance from you that you are unable to prevent it being taken.

We, Our and Us

We, Our and Us means the insurer of your policy, this insurance is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 (Incorporated in Australia) trading as Allianz New Zealand.

You and Your

You and Your means the person whose name is set out in your Certificate of Insurance and everyone else who is covered under your policy.

Worldcare travel insurance is issued and managed by AWP Services New Zealand Limited trading as Allianz Partners and underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 (Incorporated in Australia) trading as Allianz New Zealand. You should consider the Policy Wording before making any decisions about this travel insurance policy.

For further information on Allianz Australia Insurance Limited's financial strength rating, please refer to the following Financial Strength Rating and Overseas Policy Holder Preference Disclosure Notice found at

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