Christmas Getaways – The top 5 places in the world

We are incredibly lucky in New Zealand to be one of the few nations in the world that get to enjoy the joy of Christmas combined with toasty summer temperatures. Christmas BBQ anyone? But if you haven’t already, we think it should be on every Kiwi’s bucket list to head overseas and enjoy a white (or at least) wintry Christmas. With this in mind we’ve compiled our top tips on five places around the world to spend the festive season.

The Top 10 Cities for Millennials

Millennial city rankings “Digitally native, entrepreneurial and well-travelled, millennials are not afraid to relocate halfway across the world for the right opportunities and experiences” says Nestpick. Does this ring a bell? Whether you are looking to relocate or for a…

Twenty Four Hours in LA

California’s City of Angels is one of the key entry points to the United States for New Zealanders and many travellers choose to break up their journey to Europe, New York or Latin America with a stopover in Los Angeles. Ensure you get some sleep on the plane as marketing manager Zoe Macfarlane has planned the perfect 24 hours in LA.