Why you should visit brilliant Barcelona

After writing our article on finding your perfect European holiday destination we reminded ourselves of the wonder that is brilliant Barcelona…

If you like to live life loud and vibrantly, there are plenty of options when it comes to having the holiday of your dreams, but Spain is no bad place to start. Extroverts will never lack chances to make new friends on the go – and if you pick the right place, there will be a million opportunities to have the time of  your life. If you’re looking for a party, Spain and specifically Barcelona could perfect European holiday destination for you…

A social city

On the picturesque Costa Brava coastline, this Spanish city is incredibly vibrant, packed with culture, architecture and a whole lot of night life. Whether you’re making new friends as you puff your way up the steps of the Sagrada Familia, or grabbing a water bottle at the bar of La Terrrazza to cool off between DJ sets, you’re going to be able to spread those social butterfly wings and meet locals and travellers alike.

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The gardens surrounding the famous Sagrada Familia

Clubbing in Barcelona

Clubbing culture is a big part of life in Barcelona, whether they’ve called the city home forever or just for a couple of nights. It’s such a big industry that there’s even a Barcelona NightCard that fast tracks your entrance into the best venues. Like in any city or country, however, you need to be sensible about how your spend your time out on the town. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated, especially with all that dancing and the balmy Barcelona weather!

Keep your guard up – if you’re at a club popular with tourists (and therefore pickpockets), it’s wise to wear a money belt underneath your clothing rather than carry a wallet. The last thing you need at closing time is to find that your money and passport have been stolen!

Speak like a local

Don’t forget to brush up on your Iberian languages. Spain is home to many more languages than just Spanish, and Barcelona is a place where it’s wise to remember that. Barcelona is in Catalonia, where the native language is Catalán – and the people of Barcelona are very proud of their Catalonian heritage and language alike. While you’re likely to be able to use tourist Spanish to get you through basic interactions with the local Spanish people, learning a few phrases in Catalán will show that you respect their language and customs.  

Catalán 101:

Hello! – Bon dia!

Goodbye! – Adéu!

Please – Sisplau

Thank you – Grácies

You’re welcome – De res.

Do you speak English? ­– Parlas anglès?

Want to learn more? Here’s a great resource for learning basic Catalán phrases.

Travel Insurance

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