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Budget Travel Insurance

Don’t Compromise on Quality

At Worldcare, our objective is to provide you with the highest standard in travel insurance cover that meets your budget. If you are heading to Europe on your OE, or throwing on a backpack to explore Asia, our budget policy could give you all of the coverage you care about, and none of the more expensive extra items of cover.

If you are on a budget, travel insurance can be considered an unnecessary luxury, but you should consider the risks and possible costs due to unforeseen circumstances that can arise while you are on the road. You’ll soon see that the small investment you make with insurance upfront is nothing compared to the costs of a medical instance in a foreign country.

Fortunately by choosing to purchase your travel insurance online you are already making some savings, with no middle-man fees being added to your bill by travel agents or brokers. Not only this, but we’ve carefully considered the policy coverage to get the balance right between price and insuring your safety overseas.

Grab a quote and check out the policy benefits and costs above. It’s first class cover at cattle class prices!

We provide insurance cover to you on the basis that you are a resident of New Zealand, you intend to return to New Zealand after your journey, you will purchase your policy in New Zealand before you start your journey and the start date on your policy reflects the date you leave your residence in New Zealand to start your journey. Full Terms and Conditions Apply.

This insurance is issued and managed by AWP Services New Zealand Limited trading as Allianz Global Assistance and underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 (Incorporated in Australia) trading as Allianz New Zealand. You should consider the Policy Wording before making any decisions about this travel insurance policy.

For further information on Allianz Australia Insurance Limited's financial strength rating, please refer to the following Financial Strength Rating and Overseas Policy Holder Preference Disclosure Notice.

Allianz Australia Insurance Limited has an AA- insurer financial strength rating given by Standard & Poor's (Australia) Pty Limited.

The rating scale* in summary form is:

AAA Extremely Strong, BBB Good, CCC Very Weak
AA Very Strong, BB Marginal, CC Extremely Weak
A Strong, B Weak, R Regulatory Action
Plus (+) or minus (-): Ratings from "AA" to "CCC" may be modified by the addition of a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to show relative standings within the major rating categories.
*A full description of the rating scale is available via www.allianz.co.nz/insurer-rating.

An overseas policyholder preference applies. Under Australian law, if Allianz Australia Insurance Limited is wound up, its assets in Australia must be applied to its Australian liabilities before they can be applied to overseas liabilities. To this extent, New Zealand policyholders may not be able to rely on Allianz Australia Insurance Limited's Australian assets to satisfy New Zealand liabilities.