Pacific Island Mosquito-borne Disease Outbreak

News reports have been coming in fast to the Worldcare office around some major outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases in the Pacific Island. As it is peak season for New Zealanders to head to our nearby tropical island neighbours, we thought it wise to let you know how to avoid mosquito bites, as well as signs to look out for if you do get bitten. Dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika fever have reached epidemic levels in the past year, enough for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and New Zealand health authorities to actively warn Kiwis to take care when island-hopping.

Ebola and What it Means For You

With the increase of Ebola cases, the World Health Organisation has recently announced the virus to be a global threat, but what does that mean to the average Worldcare traveller? Read our blog for information on what Ebola is, how it’s contracted and how you can keep yourself safe when travelling.

What is a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

The team at Worldcare are often asked about what qualifies as a pre-existing medical condition and what you should declare. From the medication for high cholesterol, to that rare blood condition you were diagnosed with as a child; from the hip surgery you are booked in for in two months’ time, to the whiplash you received in that recent car accident, what needs to be declared? Fortunately we recently introduced a new online medical assessment tool that takes a lot of the headache out of the decisions. Before you go online, here is a handy list to assist in the process of thinking about what might need to be declared.

How Can I Upgrade My Flight?

The opportunity to travel at the pointy end of the plane is not available to the majority of us Kiwi travellers – the numbers are low for New Zealand travellers heading away in first class – however with the right travel accessories, it’s possible to upgrade your flight in the simplest of ways. We’ve picked our top must-have travel items to improve your flight and give you some of the luxuries of travelling first class without the excessive price tag.

How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

When you plan your holiday, it’s all about the flights, accommodation and sights you are going to see than considering the more mundane elements of travelling. Here at Worldcare we believe it is our duty to consider these and help you keep informed on how to stay safe when you hit the road. Read our top tips below for staying healthy on holiday.

Where to Go on a Shopping Holiday

With our very own travelling shopaholic at Worldcare, we’ve asked marketing manager Zoe to provide an insight into the best shopping holidays around the world.

For many travellers a journey to a new country is an opportunity to learn about a new culture, or delve into the region’s history, for the shopping connoisseur, these are often still a part of the trip but an extra retail element gets their heart beating. Shopping tours and buses that take tourists to outlets are on the rise and offer a new and exciting way to explore a city or country. The promise of a bargain, packaged with cultural gems, scenic vistas and local cuisine create an alluring holiday and many destinations around the world can include a shopping edge.