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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Luggage and Personal Belongings

Are my belongings covered if I leave them on the beach while I go swimming or on the airport trolley while I use the bathroom?

No, your belongings are not covered if you leave your belongings unattended in a public place.

Am I covered if I lose my false teeth?

Yes. There is provision for cover under the luggage section. They may be covered up to the item limit, or if more valuable, you can consider specifying them for an additional premium.

If I specify my laptop, do I need to value it for what it cost me three years ago, or for what it is worth now?

In the event of a claim we would pay the present day value, so it is only necessary to specify what it is worth now.

Are liquid items such as perfume or make-up covered if they are confiscated by customs or airport officials?

Confiscation by customs or airport officials is excluded.

Can I purchase a policy for specified items with no other cover?

No. The option to specify items is only available when taking our GoComprehensive or GoFreedom plans.

Is sporting equipment such as skis and snowboards covered?

If the equipment is in use, or left unattended in a public place then there is no cover. Equipment is only covered for loss or damage while in licensed commercial transport or for fire or burglary from locked accommodation premises. It is covered up to the item limit on the policy, unless it has been specified as a high value item and the additional premium to cover this has been paid.

Working Overseas

Am I covered for working overseas?

Yes. Manual work is covered as long as it is not heavy manual or hazardous work. (Please note that whilst working, Section 3 Accidental death and Permanent Disablement and Section 5 Personal Liability are excluded).

Cancellation / Loss of Deposits / Travel Delay

If my flight is delayed and I need to get to a special occasion such as a wedding, am I covered to pay for alternative transport to get me there on time?

Yes. If your travel arrangements cannot be delayed due to an occasion like a wedding, or a conference then we will pay reasonable costs up to the benefit limit of the plan you’ve purchased.

Can I claim on my policy if I did not like the hotel I was staying in?

No. There is no cover for any consequential loss, loss of enjoyment, or loss of income.

If my grandmother was ill when I purchased my policy, and I had to cancel my trip because she died, would I be covered for Loss of Deposits?

No. We only cover for Loss of Deposits if the event is unforseen. Unfortunately, in this case, you were already aware of your grandmother’s illness.


Are children covered free?

Dependents to the age of 21 who are not in full time employment are covered on your Worldcare policy free of charge when they travel with a parent or grandparent.

What is a dependent?

Dependents are your children or grandchildren that are under 21 and not in full time employment.


When can I buy my travel insurance policy?

You can purchase your GoComprehensive, GoBudget or GoFreedom policy plan any time from when you book your flight, tour or accommodation, up to the time you depart New Zealand. You can even purchase at the airport from our mobile site before your board your flight.

I want to include a stopover on my journey

On all of our policies we include a stopover up to six days outside your selected destination.

What is rental vehicle excess cover?

We provide an industry-leading $6,000 rental vehicle excess cover on our GoComprehensive policy. If you are planning on hiring a car whilst you are overseas and have an accident, we will pay up to $6,000 of the excess charged by the rental vehicle company, even if the fault lies with you. We also provide cover for theft of the car.

If I am overseas and wish to extend my stay, am I able to extend the insurance?

For an extension, you must apply prior to the policy expiring. Provided you have not had any claims, extensions are usually granted. Please email or call us on 0800 553 550 to apply.

Are skiing and snowboarding covered under the GoComprehensive policy?

Yes, provided it is not professional and it is not whilst training or competing. Recreational skiing and snowboarding is fine as long as it is within the boundaries of the ski field. There is no cover if it is extreme or in remote areas.

Am I able to insure my journey to my destination and then my return journey back to NZ only?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer cover for the journey to your destination or cover for the entire duration of the trip. We do not offer transit cover i.e. 3-day policy for your journey there and 3-day cover for your return journey.


I have a pre-existing medical condition, but it is just mild asthma. Do I need to declare it?

There are certain pre-existing conditions that are automatically covered. Our online medical assessment process will advise if you need to declare anything as you go through it. The system will prompt you if an online medical assessment is required. Alternatively, please read our Policy Wording.

If I have a change in health after I have purchased the insurance policy, do I have to advise my insurance company?

Yes. You would need to contact our medical assessment team on 0800 553 550 and advise them of the change of health. We are not obligated to insure this change, however you can make a claim for cancellation if you can no longer travel.

Is pregnancy covered on the policy?

Yes, but only for medical treatment for unforeseen complications within the first 23 weeks.

Rental Vehicle & Other Transport

Am I covered to drive a private car overseas?

When a car is not a rental vehicle, there is no cover for vehicle excess. There is also no cover for liability protection, loss or damage to the car. This requires vehicle, not travel insurance.

Am I covered if I travel on a private yacht?

Yes, provided the yacht stays within 25 nautical miles from the mainland (whether or not you enter international waters), but this does not include cover for personal liability.

Inbound cover to New Zealand

What cover do I have when travelling from my home country to holiday in New Zealand?

Unfortunately we do not currently provide cover for inbound travellers to New Zealand.

Country Plan (Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E, Plan F)

What countries/destinations are in each of the country plans?

Click Here to view the countries under each plan in a table or a map.

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